Book: This book is designed as an introductory text book for the Data Structures and Algorithms course. Data structures and algorithms is a standard course taught in many universities teaching computer engineering and/or computer science. In general, an introduction to programming course is taught as a prerequisite before the data structures course, and afterwards an algorithm course is taught to complete the problem solving objective. The book is designed as a 40 hour course work. An example course schedule can be designed as: Link list, tree, graph and sorting algorithms require 6 hours; algorithm analysis, stack, queue, hashing, and disjoint set require 3 hours. The first chapter of the book gives an introductory info about algorithm analysis, afterwards the main data structures are explained in the coming 8 chapters (from chapter 2 to chapter 9). Although the last chapter, i.e. sorting algorithms, is not a data structure, it is included since sorting is taught in many universities as a part of this course.
Çağlayan Kitabevi
Nobel Kitabevi
Babil Kitabevi