Past Students
 NLP Toolkit

M.S. Theses
Cengiz Asmazoğlu (2014)
An hybrid approach to solve traveling salesman problem using genetic algorithm
Remzi Düzağaç (2014)
Improving search engine performance with context extraction using lucene, DBpedia-spotlight, and wordnet
Sezin Ata (2012)
Searching for the optimal ordering of classes in rule induction
Yasin Ozan Kılıç (2011)
Learning to rank
Koray Ak (2011)
Unsupervised morphological analysis using tries
Gülay Köse (2008)
Cost sensitive learning algorithms
Ph.D. Theses
Razieh Ehsani (2018)
KeNet: A Comprehensive Turkish WordNet and Using It in Text Clustering
Ahmet Okutan (2012)
Software defect prediction using bayesian networks and kernel methods